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How is The difference between ordinary and good quality mobile phone signal jammer

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How is The difference between ordinary and good quality mobile phone signal jammer

Issue Time:2018-10-15

Mobile phone signal jammer        

Signal jammer in general, can be classified into ordinary shielding and high quality shielding.            

Ordinary mobile phone jammer: its technical characteristics are mainly based on the principle of shielding, using a large number of low-power or high-power equipment for confrontation, stay in a simple technical scheme.            

High-quality mobile phone jammer: the technical characteristics of strong signal digital frequency hopping technology, compared with ordinary shielding technology, radiation reduction 150 times; mainly outdoor shielding, reduce indoor radiation power hundreds of times; using multi-channel combined technology, full-frequency antenna instead of N frequency divider antenna, suitable for wireless remote, lay the foundation for the use of distributed antenna; Antenna technology, reasonable distribution of shielding power, decentralized power signals, reduce antenna radiation, provide efficiency tens of times, while eliminating dead angle and leakage; Unique TD synchronization technology, China Mobile 3G (TD-SCDMA) and 4G (TD-LTE) network, shielding only downlink pilot slot, eliminate absolute interference to the base station. It has been approved by the mobile and Radio Regulatory Commission, and reduced radiation by dozens of times.

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